Lorena (Designer)
Lorena is enthusiastic and incredibly talented. With more than six years of experience, she works well with a wide variety of hair types and is passionate about giving her clients a look that enhances their natural beauty. They always leave her feeling gorgeous! She loves the beauty industry and is always continuing her education in order to stay up to date with the latest styles and trends. Her favorite part of styling is getting to be innovative and try new styles and colors with her clients, and she loves a challenge! 

Sean (Associate Designer)
Sean is a driven and talented Stylist whose love for his craft began when he was a teenager, cutting and styling his friends’ hair in his spare time. He loves having a career that allows him to have fun, be creative, and make people feel good about themselves. Coloring hair is his favorite part of styling, because it is the most creative aspect of the job. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing his clients walk out the door feeling their best and loving their look!

Shannon (Nail Technician)
Shannon is a sweet and extremely talented Nail Technician. She started doing nails as a fun hobby when she was a little girl, and from there she developed a real passion for it! She graduated from the Capri Institute for Hair, Skin, and Nails and has been licensed nail technician for three years. Shannon has a particular flair for nail art: designs for holidays, special occasions, or a casual every day look, she can do it all! It’s by far her favorite thing to do with a client.